Doors and Windows
Whether you want to...
have fresh air-flow while you keep out flying insects, or
make your home safe from intruders,
we can supply the most appropriate screens for
all your windows and doors.
Fitting attractive single or double diamond grilles will keep unwanted guests outside... ...and active little ones inside!

Window and Door Screens are also available with Stainless Steel Mesh for added security,
approved to the latest Australian Safety Standards,
to withstand an intense attack
Woven stainless steel mesh reduces the visual obstruction so you have protection without interrupting your view

We also offer a durable alternative to timber that can be used on your flyscreen door and window frames using low maintenance and high durability aluminium combined with the natural beauty and warm textured feel of timber.
(see timber-look samples below)

Scroll down for some examples of the range of screens and cast hinged door patterns available...

SP 52

SP 53

SP 51 AB

SP 34 AB

SP 14 AB

SP 56

SP 55

SP 44 AB

SP 6

SP 7

Some of the cast sliding door patterns available...

SP 15 B

SP 15 AB


Samples of some of the timber-look aluminium frame finishes...

Curly Birch

Snow Gum


Bush Cherry

Australian Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Rose Mahogany